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Villa at Nambiar Bellezea,



This interior design creatively blends a sophisticated neutral color palette with bold gold accents for a dramatic effect. Modern elements, like the custom rotatable glass partitions near the dining area, offer flexibility in space usage, ideal for entertaining. The dining area connects to an outdoor lawn, enhancing the space with natural light and air.

In contrast, another area features a cozy mood with a dark color palette and warm veneer, accentuated by a retained pitched ceiling and well-curated lighting. The bedroom showcases a striking dark blue headboard as a focal point, complemented by a unique profile light for a diffused effect.

The kid's bedroom is designed as a versatile space, balancing play, creativity, study, and relaxation. A tropical wall mural adds a playful backdrop to the beds, with blinds for the windows. The room is thoughtfully equipped with comfortable seating and a double workspace to foster creativity and harmony, crucial for shared spaces and sibling dynamics.

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