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About Studio Amaavi

Studio Amaavi is firmly committed to nurturing enduring relationships grounded in Integrity, Value, Performance, and unwavering client satisfaction. Our pledge is to consistently adapt to the evolving and dynamic needs of our clients, amalgamating extensive experience with innovative, youthful perspectives.

Our History 

Our collective of accomplished professionals hails from the esteemed ranks of 'Class A' qualified contractors in Karnataka, notably M Seedi & Co., Seeco Constructions, and Manar Constructions, a legacy that dates back to the 1970s. Rather than resting on these laurels, we have perpetually evolved to cater to the dynamic needs of our clientele. In our role as a design and construction company, we unwaveringly uphold the principles of simplicity and excellence.

Our expansive portfolio encompasses a diverse spectrum of projects, ranging from the construction of reservoirs and dams to the creation of residential properties and apartments. Throughout, our unwavering commitment to delivering solutions that harmonize quality and cost-effectiveness remains steadfast. Our collaborative team, boasting expertise at both ends of the construction spectrum, consistently achieves optimal outcomes. Furthermore, we maintain a pioneering role in technological innovation, financial prowess, and a steadfast commitment to quality throughout the duration of our projects.

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