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The Benjanapadavu Stadium, encompassing 9 acres of verdant land, is a testament to both athletic prowess and architectural ingenuity. Designed to host 3000 spectators, it serves as a bustling center for sports, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for tennis, badminton, kho-kho, kabaddi, and basketball.

Spanning 10,000 square feet, the sports gallery embodies the essence of competition and the exhilaration of victory. The stadium caters to athletes and the community, featuring separate, well-equipped cafeterias for boys and girls to ensure convenience and comfort.

VIP guests are treated to an exclusive experience with separate air-conditioned seating areas, offering unparalleled views of the events in a luxurious setting. The stadium's design seamlessly merges practicality with visual appeal, establishing it not just as a sports complex but also as an iconic landmark.

Every aspect of the Benjanapadavu Stadium, from its expansive courts to its meticulous amenities, solidifies its status as a pivotal hub for regional sports. It's a place where athletes and enthusiasts can unite to celebrate the dynamism and spirit of competitive sports.

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