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Village Inn,

The Vintage Inn, a recent project by Studio Amaavi, blends timeless elegance with modern luxury in a versatile and grand multi-purpose hall. Ideal for hosting both high-profile conferences and lavish weddings, this establishment showcases the meticulous design and execution skills of the Studio Amaavi team.

Luxury and attention to detail are evident in every aspect, particularly in the lobby and reception areas, where an ambiance of sophistication and warmth welcomes guests. The use of expert craftsmanship and superior quality materials underlines the commitment to creating a rich and immersive atmosphere.

The rooms at Vintage Inn extend this narrative of luxury, with each space reflecting Studio Amaavi's commitment to excellence. Designed with the utmost care, the rooms offer guests a blend of comfort and style.

The overall aesthetic of the Vintage Inn is one of opulent charm, with each design choice and material selection contributing to a cohesive and luxurious look and feel. Studio Amaavi takes pride in this project, which stands as a testament to their excellence in luxury and quality in hospitality design.

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